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Tim of Medical Advisors Group

Tim McFillin
CRD#: 5633853

Licensed to sell securities in DC, VA, MD, WV, DE, PA, NY, NJ, MA, NC, FL, CO and CA.
Licensed to sell insurance in DC, VA, MD, WV, DE, PA, NY, NJ, MA, NC, FL, and CO.

Angelique of Medical Advisors Group

Angelique Ayala
CRD#: 6237203

Licensed to sell securities in AL, MD, NC, VA, TX and PA.
Licensed to sell insurance in DC, FL, MD, NC, TX, VA and WV. 

Jim of Medical Advisors Group

Jim Roessner

Paul Trinh of Medical Advisors Group

Paul Trinh

David Majeski

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Tim McFillin founded Medical Advisors Group in 2008. He started as a financial advisor managing 401(k) and group benefits for the animal hospital his family had been using for years growing up in Northern Virginia.

In Tim’s experience, it seemed that veterinarians and doctors are woefully underserved in financial planning and advice. Because these professionals often have both high income and high debt, they need solid financial planning and management more than anyone. Yet many appeared to be making mistakes with their personal finances. Tim identified a number of common issues:

  • Many small and medium-sized clinics have limited insurance and no retirement plan.
  • Many veterinarians, doctors, and dentists do not have a strategy in place for repaying their debt.
  • Many medical professionals do not understand the benefits available to them through their associations.

Medical professionals sorely needed a financial advisor who was familiar with their field and the benefits available to them. So, Tim established Medical Advisors Group to serve medical professionals with financial planning that takes into account the elements that are unique to their world.

Saving, Investing, and Insurance for Medical Professionals

First, we’ll help you create a strategy to help you manage debt that can help maximize your monthly cash flow. It’s not just a matter of having more spending money every month and a potentially better overall lifestyle (though, that’s certainly part of it.)

In addition, we can work with you to develop strategies for saving and investing.  These investments can help ensure you are saving for retirement and future tax obligations.

The result? You can have a feeling of confidence, have a positive financial outlook for the future, and you can help protect your income. You can feel dramatically more confident in your financial future.

Everything we do is geared toward one mission:

“To help improve the life of every doctor we meet by offering highly informed financial guidance and education. We will always act in the best interest of our clients before our own and only recommend strategies that we would do ourselves. We consistently give back to the community by organizing charity events and donating money to those less fortunate than us.”
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